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Meet me in New York part 2- NYC Collection

What inspires you to wear the Jewelry you wear? What makes you feel most beautiful? Do the city lights mesmorize you? 
In creating this new collection I wanted to share the way I would interpret the city into wearable art. 
Geometric shapes, black tassel, golds and antique silver designs. 
With the landscape and the edgy design of the buildings in the city, bringing the metropolitan vibe to your Jewelry will liven up your wardrobe all year long.
The great thing about the city is you can be in the midst of the big buildings, roof top views and amazing skyline and still be able to see beaches and trees.
For you beach lovers, don't think that I forgot about you!
Along with the edgy, city vibe of this collection, I also like to put in some charm and sparkle. Natural Druzy Stone, Marble Howlite Oval Gold Pendant, 14K Gold Chain and Rhodium plated are some of the materials that were used in this collection.
There are so many different ways these pieces can be worn. From the edgy city- look to the simple and sparkled pieces, you will love the new NYC edition.

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