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What is a "Subtle Impression" anyway?

How many times have we had a bad first impression? 
We've all been there. Bad breath, stumbling over words, spilling your drink, and the list goes on and on. I have found it more important than ever just to take one step at a time and put on the subtle Jewelry. 
When I was in my early teen years, I was obsessed with Disney Channel. I loved the hit shows, "That's So Raven", "Lizzie McGuire, "Phil of the Future", and countless more. If you were born as a 90's kid, or have children who were, then I am sure you can probably sing the theme songs for each show.
I was so inspired by the glam and bedazzled looks from these shows. It started to inspire me more each day to experiment with style and fashion. At that time, those looks were my go- to, first impressions style. It was quite vibrant and full of fun and taking "fashion risk's".  I have always been the kind of person that highly values first impressions and I believe they can be a vital in pursuing any relationship.
Throughout my career and social life, I am always finding myself meeting new people. The idea and vision behind the creation of, "Subtle Impressions" was to give Woman a category of Jewelry that can be worn when she is meeting someone for the first time, attending a family event, or maybe a long awaited interview for that important job while having Jewelry on that isn't to bold.
I'll share a first impression experience that I had years ago. It's funny how you never forget the first time you meet a person. I was actually with my family, meeting friends of theirs and as the night progressed, the belt I was wearing had a button closure back and kept popping off all night. It was so embarrassing. It was a gold cuff belt so it wasn't like I could slip it in my purse. It was either wear it or carry it around.
I ended up buying a new belt eventually, but from that day on, whenever I see that belt in my closet, I immediately think of that super embarrassing first impression. Sometimes taking the more simple route is better!
Materials and highlights in the collection:
Mostly everything from this collection is made with real 925 Sterling Silver, 14K- 24K Gold, real Freshwater Pearl and Gemstones. 100% of everything you see is always designed and handmade, using fine materials and always has a meaning and a story of love behind it. 

A classic favorite, the Ivory Pearl 14K Gold Necklace is timeless and pure. You can never go wrong with a simple, solid Pearl! 

Made with 14K Gold plated (over Brass) chain, 8mm Pearl Bead, (held up with 16K Gold plated wire), and clasped with a Gold plated Lobster Clasp, this delicate piece measures at 15.5 inches and fits just right. It sits nicely, just laying under your collar bone. 

I am so excited to share with you the passion behind this exquisite and truly stunning collection! I would love to hear your story of a first impression exsperience that you had and if it had any significant effect on your life!

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