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About the Designer




Hello my Jewelry and Fashion lovers! My name is Jessica and I was born in Assisi, Italy and am the oldest child in our Family. Our family returned to the United States when I was very young. I was raised most of my life in a town outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and moved to New York during my High School years. I now live in Greenville, South Carolina with my Husband and two Golden Retrievers. 

At a young age, I fell in love with Fashion and all things Beauty. My fondest memory was visiting my Grandparents house on Sundays after Church. My Grandmother was one of my very first style icons. I remember her nails always being done to perfection, and in sneaking into her room; I was infatuated over her Jewelry! She would tell me about how precious Jewelry was and how to properly take care of it. What she handed down to me through her life and encouragement inspires me to create today.

My Grandmother passed away in 2008. After her passing I started taking my talent for creating Jewelry to a new level and had my first show in High School. I sold out of everything I made to the point where I had custom order requests to fulfill! It was then that I decided that this was something I wanted to pursue as a career. I have created and sold Jewelry since 2010.

In Italy, it is common for women to not be given a middle name; therefore, I do not have one! My shop name came as an inspiration from my Grandmothers middle name, Elizabeth. So, Jessica Elizabeth Jewelry was born!

The core to each of my designs is to make beautiful and affordable accessories that are fun and bring joy, without sacrificing comfort or quality. Everything is 100% handmade, hand-formed, and hand wire wrapped using 14K- 24K Gold-Filled and Sterling Silver metals and Brass. I make sure that each piece is timeless and accessible, and I offer you ways to dress each piece in every description.

I am so blessed to have my husband and great family by my side, and owe my success and achievements to them. I couldn't be more excited to share my love of fashion and design with you. I hope you fall in love with each piece and that they will help you to create stories of your own that you will remember forever!