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Turquoise Drop 14K Gold Choker

Turquoise Drop 14K Gold Choker

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This 14K Gold Turquoise Choker is so delicate and pure. With the easy magnetic on and off gold clasp, this piece truly so effortless.

We all want to throw on that quick and stunning Necklace when we go out the door but never have the time to clasp it on, fix it up to make sure it's on right and it goes on and on. This dazzling beaut will be your quick grab out the door. She will shine brighter and brighter each wear. You'll thank me later! 

How to dress:

Oh, are the styles endless! There is nothing this magical piece won't go with. Heck, wear it with sweats! Don't be afraid to fall in love with this one.


14K Gold Chain

Turquoise Drop Bead


Gold/ Turquoise 


16 inches